Are You Looking For Avbob Funeral Cover?

They believe that a family member should be buried with honor. They are a well-known institution in burial insurance and spread over South Africa with 150 branches. They arrange a doctor for you to state the death certificate and will assist you day and night.

The broker will guide you in arranging the funeral. Here are a few decisions you would have to make:

  • Cremation or graveside service
  • The date and time of the service
  • The minister and what church or place
  • Will there be a viewing for the family
  • Clothing of deceased
  • Type of coffin
  • Who will be the carriers of the coffin
  • Preparation of the eulogy?
  • The flowers
  • A news pamphlet of deceased
  • Where the family will come together afterwards?
  • Any special requests
  • If cremated, what will happen to ashes?

Visit Avbob here at www.avbob.co.za or go to home page!