What Is A Funeral Cover?

In South Africa What Is A Cover For Funerals?

It is a type of coverage that a person buy for themselves and their family members for the day they die. This cover is important to have because it will settle all the burial expenses, like:

  • Coffin
  • Flowers
  • Transport
  • Cremation
  • Ceremony
  • Burial ground
  • Pastor
  • Food

And so much more… This is all the things your family has to pay out of their pockets when you do not have a coverage.

How Can One Find Quotes For A Funeral Coverage?

Quotes is the premiums people should pay at the end of each month for the funeral plan. This money will build up and then used for your memorial services.

Each company has its own quotes and packages which you can pick from. This is why you should collect about 5 rates or more and choose that one that will suit you and your family best.

You can get these rates or premiums on this website. Here on the right is a form which you must submit with your info. Within 24 hours an broker would send you round about 5 quotes that you can look at. If you are not happy with the premiums or benefits you can e-mail the broker back. They are there to assist you, their assistance is free, so you can make good use of them.

You can check out http://www.the-cross.co.za/ to find quotes for funeral cover.